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Dear customers, welcome!

This page is dedicated to our wines and

to our genuine grappas,

which we are glad to tell you a bit about.

Have a look, and cheers! 

Rosselli Family


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Rosselli Vini

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We are Rosselli Vini, a very small company that has been cultivating the vine for generations and producing wines and grappas . 


Wine and its production are a family tradition, as our father and grandparents already cultivated the vineyard and produced wine since many years. 


Wine has never been lacking on our tables, it has always been appreciated and an integral part of our life.

To us, continuing to cultivate vineyards and producing wine means history, tradition, culture and  care of the territory.


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The names of our products refer to the toponymy of the town, to underline this life tradition.

The most important grape variety in our territory, Canton Ticino, an area south of the Alps, is Merlot, imported from France at the beginning of the century after all the vineyards were destroyed by the phylloxera.

However, Merlot has found its ideal terroir on our lands, allowing us to produce a balanced, savoury wine

with the right acidity.



Our wine is a well-rooted exclusive Merlot from the Preonzo region.

The care of the vine plants  is respectful of the environment, it does not weed and the vines are treated with care using just the minimum necessary amount of phytosanitary products, by taking care of the topping and by removing leaves.

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The vinification is also linked to tradition: The grapes are harvested manually during a festive harvest. The vinification takes place in stainless steel tanks with the exclusive addition of selected yeasts for the start of the vinification process . 

As the wine is non-filtered, important elements of the winemaking are preserved.

All our products are VEGAN certified.

After several decanting, the wine is deposited in big glass bottles and stored for several months in a hollow of rock in the dark and at a constant temperature.

This is Rongei Merlot in purity, Preonzo DOC.

12.5% Vol contains sulphites

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Part of the wine is aged in barrique for approximately 12 months in Swiss oak barriques, artfully built by Küferei Suppiger, a cooper who carries on this century-old activity.


This is Pasquèi Merlot in purity, DOC Preonzo barricaded.

12.5% Vol contains sulphites

A rosé wine made from Merlot, with an intense pinkish claret colour and fruity aroma with strawberry flavours.

After an overnight extraction with dry ice, the grapes are then pressed and fermented cool.

Intense untreated colour and bouquet with its natural hue.



This is Mónn Nòu in purity, DOC Preonzo

12% Vol contains sulphites

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Grappa produced with marc of merlot grapes,  distilled from the marc of merlot with a copper alembic in a water bad.

The grappa takes up the flavours and aromas of the merlot grapes.

50% alcohol vol


A liqueur obtained from the maceration of the Al Murin grappa together with aromatic herbs and other ingredients, according to an ancient family recipe.

20% Vol alcohol

Brandy, distilled from American grapes, a very fragrant grappa  which has been produced in Ticino for years.

50% alcohol vol

A liqueur obtained by macerating green walnuts harvested on 24 June in

'Ai Murin' grappa with the addition of spices and

citrus fruits.

27% alcohol vol

GRAPPA LOGO-09-10.png

Grappa made from merlot 'Ai Murin' marc aged 12 months in Swiss oak barrels, artfully constructed by Küferei Suppiger.  With aromas of vanilla, caramel and tobacco, soft on the palate. 

48% alcohol vol


Rosselli wines Preonzo


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